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Slim 24 pro
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It’s really tough to keep up with the speed of life that we are spending. One day of illness can send you 2 weeks back and all activities of your life are so disturbed that you start feeling irritated and perturbed. To keep up with all the buzzing of modern day life, one must remain robust and fit. For being in good physical shape the exercise is always recommended. The workouts can give you a well toned figure as well as a healthy body. But in the modern world who is free to do gyms and work outs? Well obviously it isn’t possible for a person with frenzied work timetable. In that situation there is only one way of getting health and that is to have such a meal that would have the exact amalgamation of all the critical vitamins and other elements that are needed by human body to remain fit, Strong and healthy.

Introducing or the first time in Pakistan, the all new slim 24 pro dietary meal replacement that has all the necessary vitamins and minerals in correct proportion to better the human health and may improve it as well. Slim 24 Pro is an amazing product which is meant to serve required nutrients to the human body which gets lost due to the intensive weight loss regime or through improper diet intake. Slim 24 Pro is helpful in building body strength, increasing energy levels and provides complete physical fitness. This proprietary formula is made to provide human body with all the important vitamins and minerals in the required and accurate proportion that is required for a healthy life. It energizes your body with a lot of strength, vigor and vitality.


  • It contains whey Protein in Cross flow Micro-Ultrafiltered form in order to get easily absorbed by the body. This helps in fast recovery of muscle injuries and makes them even stronger.
  • There are several other major elements provided in Slim 24 Pro™ that helps in maintaining the complete wellness of human body such as Folate, Iron, Vitamin A, B & C, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Zinc, Phosphorus etc. These are all required to live a healthy life


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