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Sandhi Sudha Plus
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There is nothing more painful than being old. Anno dominy, by Jove, is the definitive disease that carries a lot of other grave diseases with it. It is said that anno dominy is a messenger of the death angel.  The biggest difficulty with the old people is connected with their inability to move and walk. They undergo different sort of disorders relating to joints and bones and their life becomes pathetic and miserable, making them unable to stand upright, move or walk. They really get frustrated and so remain teased and grumpy.  This situation is very alarming especially for near and dear people of old folks. The sons and daughters can’t see them in this depressed state and want to search for a solution.

ZeeTeleMall has found it,  Presenting the most strong anti joint disorder product sandhi sudha plus si now available in Pakistan.  The product is composed of 100% of natural herbs and the healing power of nature is known to every one.  The product works extremely well in treating arthritis, gout and all other types of joint disorders. It is natural herbal oil which when massaged gently produces a calm effect and removes pain strengthening the joints and giving the patient relief from seemingly never ending pain. 

sandhi Sudha Plus joint pain relief oil is composed of Ayurvedic ingredients, Sandhi Sudha Plus is the result of untiring efforts of ayurveds and is prepared after a search of decades. The regular use of the oil permanently removes pain and relieves the patient. Sandhi sudha oil is the best for pain relief.

The natural herbs included in sandhi sudha plus oil pain relief includes:

Nirgundi herb
Nirgundi herb brings the strength back in weak nerves & muscles.
Gawarpatha herb bring backs the smoothness & stickiness in the dry & dead joints
Akarkara herb provides calcium to the bones thereby strengthening them.
And many other herbs are in it which you relief in pain. 
100% natural oil for pain relief.

How to use? (For external usage only)
Put one or two teaspoons of the oil in a bowl or in your palm.
Massage the affected area for 3-4 times in a day for atleast 15 days.

Most Effective On:

•     Knee pain
•     Shoulder pains
•     Back pain
•     Cervical spondilitis
•     Arthritis


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